Long ago, a group of heroes known as the Stone Guard was formed by a mighty Hero. This Hero led the group in many great adventures, destroying evil wherever it was found across the land. They kept the common man safe, and gained incredible power for themselves in the process.

One of the Guards’ greatest accomplishments was the defeat of the ancient vampire Skul’thra. This vampire ruled the vast Thrallwood using a plague of his own creation that raised the dead to do his bidding. Thought invincible by most, Skul’thra was spreading his influence across the land until the Guards drove him back. Unable to enter the Thrallwood and destroy him, the Hero forged a mighty artifact known as the Thrallbreaker that kept the vampire’s plague at bay. However, in a terrible last act, the vampire attacked during the creation of the artifact and managed to slay the Hero before the rest of the Guards could drive him off.

The Thrallbreaker was entrusted to one of the Hero’s companions, and the city of Fallax was built to safeguard the artifact and keep Skul’thra confined within the Thrallwood. The Hero was buried in an extravagant tomb beneath the city – legend holds that many of his most powerful artifacts were buried with him.

Fallax is home to a great many people, and almost any race and class can be found there. Because of its location near the Thrallwood, its history, and its purpose, adventurers are drawn to Fallax from across the civilized world. A character starting here could have almost any background imaginable, but almost all are basically good, even if some of them are only in it for the power and fame they might gain by adventuring.


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