Keltaz the Tactical

Dragonborn Warlord


Keltaz is orange, taller than average dragonborn,wears magical chian mail, has an enchanted axe and a spiked shield. His chain mail is silver like standard mail armor except for a small gold line across his chest and around his shoulders. his axe is enchanted with the power of frost. His shield is not physically attached to his arm like a normal shield, but floats along his arm magically attached. He can through his shield at enemies and catch it on his arm after it hits the enemy and flies back. Keltaz also carries a journal, which he uses to record encounters and learned facts about creatures.


Deep within the swamps, a loner found a red stone set in a golden egg. The loner was a great warrior of the kingdom until his family was killed by an evil black dragon named Zathoris. The records of the lost city hold that the loner was an amazing fighter trained in hand to hand melee combat. The loner could also harness the power of shadows. He knew that controlling the shadows was dangerous. Absorbing shadows and using their power can darken the soul. The loaner knew this; he limited his usage of shadow power as a result of his knowledge of its danger.

When Zathoris killed the loner’s family, the loaner was so angry that he left the city and began searching for an amulet that was able to control dragons. When he found the amulet, the loner used it to take control of Zathoris along with every dragon he encountered. Eventually, the loner started to hunt dragons and turn them into his slaves. The loner’s hatred of dragons grew as he used the shadows to become very, very powerful.

Many centuries had gone by and the world had nearly forgotten about the man that had become known as the “Keeper” to his slaves and the “Dragon Keeper” to those that knew of his existents. Once a smiling, charismatic warrior, the Dragon Keeper is now barely human. Using ancient, dangerous magic, he has become near immortal. His skin is becoming darker and paler with age. His hair is a black that could scare a cobra. The Dragon Keeper is muscular. He wears mail armor that looks as though it was forged in lava. He fights with a sword that had thorny vine down the center of each side. The vine was once a deep purple, but is now blood red; it changed as hatred consumed him. The Dragon Keeper carries a long staff on his back. The staff is an all golden rod as smooth as the sky except for a red stone at the end.

Keltaz was born of very old dragon clan named Zarrasis. The Zarrasis clan was very bright orange, a sign of great power and nobility. The Zarrasis were also very tall. The Zarrasis clan was once slave to the Dragon Keeper. They escaped and fled the mountain, which was the home of the Dragon Keeper and his dragon slaves.

Over the course of history, the Zarrasis clan adapted to look more like the humans around them. Many great powers once known only by the Zarrasis were forgotten. Some of these powers were learned because of the need to escape the Dragon Keeper. Many of the Zarrasis clan learned how to focus their energy into gaining extra speed. Nearly all of the Zarrasis were left mentally scarred by the constant mind control of the Dragon Keeper, a scar that many of them learned how to channel into an arcane link between those around them. This ability to link minds gave them great advantage when in combat. Some of the Zarrasis could even connect their minds to the spirits of the dead.

The stories of the Dragon Keeper and Dragon Mountain were passed through three generations of the Zarrasis clan. Keltaz and the rest of the Zarrasis clan did not forgive the Keeper, but they accepted there past and looked to the future.

Keltaz, like his ancestors, is true, bright orange. He is gentle when needed but usually fierce. Keltaz jokes around occasionally but is mostly focused on what he wants. Becasue of his clan’s history with magic, he is generally more hostile toward casters than fellow experts on martial tactics. he does greatly respect them for being able to harness the magic around us all. Once he has made a friendship with someone, he is honor bound to it and will respect the friendship until the honor is destroyed. Being a warlord, he always accounts for what is the best action for him and those around him before setting his mind on a specific goal. Keltaz is very tall and has a muscular tail, a privilege shared by only few of his dragonborn counterparts. He set off on a quest to become powerful enough to someday return to Dragon Mountain, avenge his ancestors, and free the other captives. While on his quest, Keltaz encountered…

Keltaz the Tactical

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