Long Shadows

Saving Fallax from the Cultists with explosive trinkets!

Ok, at the start of our second mision, we were in the temple with the high priestess when she told us there were many people in black robes at the two north gates and all throughout the town. She also told us the people in the black robes had some kind of trinkets (charms). We decided to split up and head to the north gates in two groups of five. The groups were divided so that Drew, Enna, Orthar, Hatespark, and Daidreth where in a group and Keltaz, Lucan, Pipa, Adrie, and Rathro were in a group. On our ways to the north gates, neither group really saw much except destroyed and on fire buildings. As we reached the gates both groups saw guards on top of the gates shooting down into the crowds of people wearing black robes (in our last battle we realized these people in the black robes to be cultists). The amount of the people outside the gates was easily more than 50 at each gate. After we talked to the guards and gained no valuable info from them, each group decided to go and inspect the south gates. Once at the south gates we found nothing there and the two groups joined together to decide what our next plan of action was going to be. Lucan wanted to go back to the north gate and kill some of the people from on top of the gate. The rest of us started to head back to the temple. Once we were back to the temple we heard noises from behind the temple. The temple is surrounded by a retaining wall. At this point, all of us moving toward the shouts and noises coming from behind the temple but within the wall, Rathro sprinted ahead. When Rathro became insight of whatever was making the noise, he saw several people in black robes coming toward the temple. He could also here a loud high-pitched ringing noise, coming from the north. Meanwhile, Lucan was on his way to one of the north gates. Now that Rathro could see these insane looking people running at him, he was ready to fight and defend himself and temple. As Rathro starts to fight, the rest of us are all getting to the scene. Now the battle begins. We are out numbered by far but not out powered. We slowly pick off the cultists and suffer slight damages. As time passes Lucan is arriving at one of the north gates and is confronted by six cultists, all making the loud high-pitched ringing noise. As we, and Lucan, fight off the cultists the noise gets louder and more high-pitched. Then the ringing on some of the cultists stops as the trinkets they carry, which seem to be the reason for the ringing, explode. We all fight hard and heroically to stop the cultists from reaching the temple (or the gate in Lucan’s case) and blowing holes in the walls. If they were to be successful in putting holes in the walls or gates then hundreds of zombies would be able to pour into the town. We were successful in securing the temple by fighting in a most heroic manner, but none of us as heroic as Lucan who defended against all the cultists that attacked him. He was truly amazing in his battle, all the way until he had taken all the damage he could and blacked out. The only problem is nobody knows what happened with Lucan...


This is so cool! Thanks for updating. Do we know for sure that the guys in black robes are Zombies? I know we fought Zombies before, but aren’t these guys different?


Well, I was not sure what to put there and will prabley change that to “cultists”. Is that more accurate?


Also, I thought that Daidreth was the one that ran ahead now I klnow it was Rathro of Orthar, which ever one is Sam:)


Looks sweet to me. Could use some paragraphs for readability, but all the content is good.


This is looking really good!


Anna, you were logged in as me?

This is a great summary; I couldn’t have pulled all of this out of my head. When I’ve played in the past, somebody (usually my mother, who was talked-over until she stopped talking at all) was always nominated as the “Scribe” for that session, to record details in real time and provide a historical record, like this.

We could do that for the next games, since that makes this easier in fast-paced situations as well as it being a pleasant distracter in laladidada-fingertapping-isitmyturnyet-no-thisissoboringIthinkIlltalkaboutitbeingboringandslowitdownmore-because-everybody’s-going-very-slowly-right-now situations.


Shoot, I take that back; I see now that “logged in as Bailey” is just above my text box, not in Anna’s comment.


I was goign to say at our next game night we need to have someone if not all of us take notes for the adventure log and other pages on this site.


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