Long Shadows

Murder in Cuddle Town

March 21st

The group continues their battle at the small farmhouse with the “magical” weapons, the hammer, the spear, the sword and shield, and the two daggers. As the group fights, they realize that if they force the gems out of the weapons, they loose their power and the gems lose their light. They get all of the gems out of the weapons either by prying them out or by destroying them and the battle finally ends.

Hatespark, Rathro, and Drew lie down and rest. Lucan picks up the sword. Keltaz, Pipa, Adrie and Enna use their knowledge of history and remember that The Hero made a lot of artifacts, but can’t remember anything else. Lucan, Daidreth and Enna walk back towards the city to see if they can find anything that will tell them if they are going in the right direction. While they’re walking, Pipa finds 3 gems on the ground. The trio on foot can see a light emanating from the city. The group perceives that the city is on fire and returns to the party. Hatespark, Rathro, and Drew wake up and everyone packs their supplies. The weapons are all picked up and added to inventory.

The group decides to continue down the road away from the city. At about 3pm, it’s at a high point on the road and can see a person on a horse behind it. As he gets closer the party can see that he’s wearing a helmet and riding clothes. Nothing is seen behind him and he’s galloping very fast. The horse comes right up to the group, rears and the rider falls off. When the group tries to speak to him and heal him, nothing happens. Drew inspects the man and discovers that the rider is wearing a helmet from the city and has riding clothes on. Rathro, ignoring cries from the party to leave the mysterious man alone, pulls off his helmet to find that the head beneath is a bare skull. Adrie attempts to calm the horse with her supreme animal skills, but all the talking within the party is freaking the horse out. Keltaz (quite deliberately) spooks the horse, which then bolts down the road towards the city. Orthar furthers the immodesty by striping off the dead man’s riding clothing. He has nice armor underneath (which some fool immediately claims) and on his armor there’s an ominous red message written, “You’re Next.” The rider’s body is humanoid and has skin below the chin. He has no visible wounds, excepting the lack of a head. Under his shirt there is a folded up note. Orthar reads it out loud. It says “The city has been taken over, keep following the road east and find the Thrallbreaker. Bring it to the capital of the city. Hurry.”

The group continues to walk east until it’s dark. The group’s made it 15 miles. They continue walking. They come to the base of a large hill. The twin rogues stealth up the hill and when they reach the half way point, they can see two tiny lights on top of the hill. The lights look like blue stars. They continue 40 more feet and can see a humanoid silhouette. They recognize that the blue things are its eyes. They get to be 150 feet away from this creature. They can’t make much out, he seems to be normal size and is looking down the hill towards the way they came up. Getting impatient, Drew yells up the hill, “What’s going on?” The figure looks towards the voice. When no one answers, the rest of the group boldy ascend the hill. Once everyone is about half way between the bottom of the hill and Rathro and Orthar, they hear a voice say “Let’s go.” There is the sound of many feet, and they are marching away from the party on the other side of the hill. Rathro and Orthar wait a couple minutes to stealth to the top of the hill. They can’t see much. They spot the humanoid silhouette departing, and in front of him, several other larger humanoid silhouettes moving quickly. They guess 25-30 of them. Rathro and Orthar continue to follow them, until Orthar falls to the ground, groaning, and everyone looks towards them. The figure with blue eyes glances around, looks towards Steven, nods his head and everyone with him turns in one body. They have glowing red dots on their foreheads. 1/3ish of them stop.

Drew walks to the top of the hill, sees that there are [[Golems | 10 glowing forehead guys, and calls for the rest of the group to join them. Drew starts walking towards Orthar and the rest of the group follows behind him…

(2/3 of the army retreat with their blue-eyed leader, and the 1/3 that is fought by the party is eventually destroyed.)

Rathro suspects that these opponents were Golems. They are hearty creatures that return to their feet if the gems are not removed. The gems appear to be the same as the ones that were in the weapons and found on the cultists. Using their knowledge of history and the books that Hatespark brought from the city, Hatespark, Keltaz, and Adrie discover that in some stories of the Hero, there were warriors like the Golems that were on the Hero’s side. The party decides that the gems power the Golems. Until the gems are destroyed (or possibly knocked out – the group was unable to remove any of these gems without destroying them) the Golem regenerate. The group pitches their tents and some take turns guarding while others sleep. The night goes smoothly and the party prepares to continue in the morning.


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Murder in Cuddle Town

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Murder in Cuddle Town

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