Long Shadows


Divide is an adventure Keltaz, Chhoti, Thya, Adrie, and Daidreth went on.

Energy Crisis

Keltaz, Chhoti, Rathro, Adrie, and Hatespark battled Hangman at the Origin of Growth. The Group stopped Hangman and severed his arm. While stopping Hangman the Origin of Growth was destroyed.

Getting it Straight
Everything you know is wrong.

Adrie dreams that a woman (“the Keeper”) wants Adrie to meet her. Adrie wakes Pipa and Rathro , and they set off in the direction Adrie senses is right. Not far into the woods is a copse of trees; within stands a female elf, and a male elf stands behind her shoulder. After interrogations it is determined that the female elf is the woman in Adrie’s vision. She states that she is “the Keeper of all things important.” The enigmatic elf gives Adrie a cryptic message, saying that she must travel immediately in search of “something,” and that she “will know what to do” when she finds it. She won’t disclose any further details.

Adrie, Pipa and Rathro leave the copse and head south on the road. After midday they see some a pillar of smoke ahead. Upon closer inspection they spot the smoldering remains of a large building, and the industrious movements of figures in black cloaks. Many carry hammers, wreckage, and black bags. Rathro mounts Pipa ’s broad shoulders while Pipa casts a spell to clothe all three in black robes. (Pipa and Rathro appear as one cultist.) They approach, and Adrie asks how she can help. While most ignore her, one figure in a silver belt comes forward and asks for the name of the temple they are from. Rathro tries to intimidate the man with uncooperative answers, but fails. Patiently the man repeats his question, but Adrie replies that they do not remember. He demands to know if they know the Priestess; Rathro says that they do know her; does HE know the Priestess? The man tells him (and subsequently, Pipa ) that he should leave.

The group retreats; soon Adrie returns, inquiring about the Keeper. The man returns to her suspiciously, and asks to know what her connection is to the Keeper. Adrie, abandoning deception, describes their journey to this place and their motives. [Through this conversation you realize that the Keeper is an enemy of the robed men. As Adrie reveals more, the man gathers more cultists to surround her.] He asks Adrie to come deeper into the wreckage with him, and admits that her chances of living are slim to none. Trying to buy time, Adrie demands why he can’t kill her on the spot? The delay works; Pipa and Rathro successfully sneak-attack from behind. Rathro goes berserk and slaughters four men with Shuriken. Pipa casts an illusionary sound around the side of the building, and the leader sends some men in pursuit. Then Pipa casts Jump on the rouge, and Rathro sails through the air to Adrie’s side. She is still surrounded, and the men bombard her with attacks. Rathro beheads a man; the head lands on the ground and its hood comes off, revealing a human face. Pipa kills a man with Magic Missile. The leader yells a command word and something like a bronze football flies up into the air, flashes, and flies off down the road. Rathro “suplexes” a cultist. The cultists cannot seem to damage the rouge, but Adrie is taking big damage. The leader shouts again; a gust of wind bowls over the party, knocking Rathro off his feet because he is not a tough dwarf like Pipa. Adrie cannot seem to escape the ring of attacks, though Pipa attempts to remove the obstructions with a Flaming Orb attack. The leader retaliates with an acid attack on Pipa . The cultists turn on Rathro and Pipa .

The leader is again visible; he is holding a staff glowing blue at the end and a black bag that appears to be full of something. Adrie heals the party. Rathro continues to do damage, while the cultists’ attacks are ineffective. The leader shouts, and all the cultists pull out sharp knives. Pipa casts a mage hand to take the leader’s bag. Before a tug-of-war ensues, Pipa be-spells the man using Sleep; he is fully struck by the spell; the bag and the staff fall out of his hand and he collapses. The magical hand pulls the bag away. The cultists appear disoriented but continue to battle with Adrie and Rathro . Blood-thristy Rathro taunts his opponents with the head of one dead man. The three remaining cultists flee. Rathro runs after them. Meanwhile, Pipa inspects the bag; there is another bronze “football,” and the gem bombs from the city. The cultist Adrie chases turns around the corner, she peeks and sees red glowing ground, but nobody there. Rathro kills his cultists; combat ends.

Rathro removes the leader’s silver belt and ties it Rambo-style around his forehead. Pipa snaps his staff in half; red glowing light flares out and the man snaps up and onto his knees with great agitation. Rathro head butts him; Pipa takes the rope and hog-ties his feet and hands together. His hood comes off; he looks like a normal human of about 40. They interrogate him. They find out that he “worked under the Priestess,” and as it turns out, the other brilliant people in their party burnt down the building. The man is uncooperative and condescending. He speaks of himself as an architect , but Adrie recognizes him as the Blacksmith from the city. When asked about the mission of the cultists, he replies that they are “Architects” and that he has given them answers already, but they are deaf and stupid. They take him (to interrogate later) and begin walking towards the road; they spot the male elf; he is shaking his head, No. Confused and irritated, the group resolves to return to inspect the building site and find the “something” the Keeper mentioned. They go to the red spot on the ground and decide that they must get underground. They ask the man where the entrance is but he says that he won’t tell them, because he doesn’t want the rest of his friends to die. They try to make peace and reach an agreement, but he doesn’t accept. Pipa senses that there is magic in the area of the stone floor; she realizes that the stone is an illusion to guard a wooden trapdoor, with a gem at its center. Rathro removes the gem and opens the trapdoor. There is a ladder, and two vertical pipes going down two walls glow brightly to illuminate the passage. Adrie heals the architect and stays above ground, while Rathro and Pipa venture quietly down the ladder and see a wooden door; along all the walls are horizontal versions of the white pipes. Through the door is a hallway, along the walls are the pipes, and about every ten feet there is an even bigger, brighter, white disk on the wall. There is a passage to the left, right, and straight ahead. Down the right and left are doors with symbols of a historic organization; there are warding spells on each.

Above ground, the captive asks Adrie what her friends are doing she tells him. He shouts a magic word. Rathro , in the center passage, hears the shout and bolts out into the main room just in time, because each white disk transforms into a wall that cuts the passage into sections. The long hallway is now blocked off, but the left and right hallways are still accessible. Rathro and Pipa return to Adrie . The architect says “If you promise to leave, I will tell you what’s going on downstairs.” Rathro unties the architect and gives him back his belt. The architect says that everything that had to do with the attack on the city was the Priestess’s fault, because she is a liar and a betrayer; apparently the Priestess betrayed the Hero (her motive was unclear). The Hero once had a band of adventurers, known as “the Stone Guards” who fought evil. The Priestess was his righthand man, but she, as well as Red, Deepwell, the Watcher (the male elf) and the Keeper split from the party. Only Hangman, Whisper, Shiver and Rattlecage remained faithful, and today only Whisper and Shiver are known to be on the architect s’ side. Also, the Hero never COMPLETELY died, and the architect s’ job is to give the Hero a new body. The architect s built the complex tomb of the Hero, and “the Caretaker” of the tomb was a title passed down to the most esteemed architect through the ages. The architect s build the red gems, “Sheeks”, and they “made possible what happened” in the city. The reason the architect s exist is to move the Thrallbreaker. The architect HATES the Priestess!

He says that the vampire is coming down this road tonight, in pursuit of the Thrallbreaker and with the intention of killing everything that lives, and the best thing to do is stay out of the way. The architect states that now that the vampire is out, everybody will die unless the Hero is brought back. The architect ’s best advice is too find the party and tell them to stop trying to stop the “Builders,” because they have been trying to stop what is good. They can use the “bronze football” or Messenger to find their party. The architect says they should go to Ensidia, and he will try to tell the Caretaker not to kill them, and perhaps allow them to aid the architects in the battle against the Priestess and her fellow betrayers (though he does not think the party’s efforts will be worth anything).

The party returns to the road, where they see the two elves; the Watcher looks particularly disappointed. They hear an extremely loud wolf howl, and start jogging away. Over time more howls join, and it is apparent that there are large and regular wolves on the sides of the road. The group finds the farmhouse where the rest of the party is camped out, and joins them. A Messenger arrives moments later; is glows an odd green color and is scratched up; the picture shows the Keeper and the Watcher surrounded by huge wolves, then flickers out!


Haha… nice try! =)

Murder in Cuddle Town
March 21st

The group continues their battle at the small farmhouse with the “magical” weapons, the hammer, the spear, the sword and shield, and the two daggers. As the group fights, they realize that if they force the gems out of the weapons, they loose their power and the gems lose their light. They get all of the gems out of the weapons either by prying them out or by destroying them and the battle finally ends.

Hatespark, Rathro, and Drew lie down and rest. Lucan picks up the sword. Keltaz, Pipa, Adrie and Enna use their knowledge of history and remember that The Hero made a lot of artifacts, but can’t remember anything else. Lucan, Daidreth and Enna walk back towards the city to see if they can find anything that will tell them if they are going in the right direction. While they’re walking, Pipa finds 3 gems on the ground. The trio on foot can see a light emanating from the city. The group perceives that the city is on fire and returns to the party. Hatespark, Rathro, and Drew wake up and everyone packs their supplies. The weapons are all picked up and added to inventory.

The group decides to continue down the road away from the city. At about 3pm, it’s at a high point on the road and can see a person on a horse behind it. As he gets closer the party can see that he’s wearing a helmet and riding clothes. Nothing is seen behind him and he’s galloping very fast. The horse comes right up to the group, rears and the rider falls off. When the group tries to speak to him and heal him, nothing happens. Drew inspects the man and discovers that the rider is wearing a helmet from the city and has riding clothes on. Rathro, ignoring cries from the party to leave the mysterious man alone, pulls off his helmet to find that the head beneath is a bare skull. Adrie attempts to calm the horse with her supreme animal skills, but all the talking within the party is freaking the horse out. Keltaz (quite deliberately) spooks the horse, which then bolts down the road towards the city. Orthar furthers the immodesty by striping off the dead man’s riding clothing. He has nice armor underneath (which some fool immediately claims) and on his armor there’s an ominous red message written, “You’re Next.” The rider’s body is humanoid and has skin below the chin. He has no visible wounds, excepting the lack of a head. Under his shirt there is a folded up note. Orthar reads it out loud. It says “The city has been taken over, keep following the road east and find the Thrallbreaker. Bring it to the capital of the city. Hurry.”

The group continues to walk east until it’s dark. The group’s made it 15 miles. They continue walking. They come to the base of a large hill. The twin rogues stealth up the hill and when they reach the half way point, they can see two tiny lights on top of the hill. The lights look like blue stars. They continue 40 more feet and can see a humanoid silhouette. They recognize that the blue things are its eyes. They get to be 150 feet away from this creature. They can’t make much out, he seems to be normal size and is looking down the hill towards the way they came up. Getting impatient, Drew yells up the hill, “What’s going on?” The figure looks towards the voice. When no one answers, the rest of the group boldy ascend the hill. Once everyone is about half way between the bottom of the hill and Rathro and Orthar, they hear a voice say “Let’s go.” There is the sound of many feet, and they are marching away from the party on the other side of the hill. Rathro and Orthar wait a couple minutes to stealth to the top of the hill. They can’t see much. They spot the humanoid silhouette departing, and in front of him, several other larger humanoid silhouettes moving quickly. They guess 25-30 of them. Rathro and Orthar continue to follow them, until Orthar falls to the ground, groaning, and everyone looks towards them. The figure with blue eyes glances around, looks towards Steven, nods his head and everyone with him turns in one body. They have glowing red dots on their foreheads. 1/3ish of them stop.

Drew walks to the top of the hill, sees that there are [[Golems | 10 glowing forehead guys, and calls for the rest of the group to join them. Drew starts walking towards Orthar and the rest of the group follows behind him…

(2/3 of the army retreat with their blue-eyed leader, and the 1/3 that is fought by the party is eventually destroyed.)

Rathro suspects that these opponents were Golems. They are hearty creatures that return to their feet if the gems are not removed. The gems appear to be the same as the ones that were in the weapons and found on the cultists. Using their knowledge of history and the books that Hatespark brought from the city, Hatespark, Keltaz, and Adrie discover that in some stories of the Hero, there were warriors like the Golems that were on the Hero’s side. The party decides that the gems power the Golems. Until the gems are destroyed (or possibly knocked out – the group was unable to remove any of these gems without destroying them) the Golem regenerate. The group pitches their tents and some take turns guarding while others sleep. The night goes smoothly and the party prepares to continue in the morning.

Leaving the City
First Game Session
Someone needs to fill this all in!

Put what happened here

Saving Fallax from the Cultists with explosive trinkets!

Ok, at the start of our second mision, we were in the temple with the high priestess when she told us there were many people in black robes at the two north gates and all throughout the town. She also told us the people in the black robes had some kind of trinkets (charms). We decided to split up and head to the north gates in two groups of five. The groups were divided so that Drew, Enna, Orthar, Hatespark, and Daidreth where in a group and Keltaz, Lucan, Pipa, Adrie, and Rathro were in a group. On our ways to the north gates, neither group really saw much except destroyed and on fire buildings. As we reached the gates both groups saw guards on top of the gates shooting down into the crowds of people wearing black robes (in our last battle we realized these people in the black robes to be cultists). The amount of the people outside the gates was easily more than 50 at each gate. After we talked to the guards and gained no valuable info from them, each group decided to go and inspect the south gates. Once at the south gates we found nothing there and the two groups joined together to decide what our next plan of action was going to be. Lucan wanted to go back to the north gate and kill some of the people from on top of the gate. The rest of us started to head back to the temple. Once we were back to the temple we heard noises from behind the temple. The temple is surrounded by a retaining wall. At this point, all of us moving toward the shouts and noises coming from behind the temple but within the wall, Rathro sprinted ahead. When Rathro became insight of whatever was making the noise, he saw several people in black robes coming toward the temple. He could also here a loud high-pitched ringing noise, coming from the north. Meanwhile, Lucan was on his way to one of the north gates. Now that Rathro could see these insane looking people running at him, he was ready to fight and defend himself and temple. As Rathro starts to fight, the rest of us are all getting to the scene. Now the battle begins. We are out numbered by far but not out powered. We slowly pick off the cultists and suffer slight damages. As time passes Lucan is arriving at one of the north gates and is confronted by six cultists, all making the loud high-pitched ringing noise. As we, and Lucan, fight off the cultists the noise gets louder and more high-pitched. Then the ringing on some of the cultists stops as the trinkets they carry, which seem to be the reason for the ringing, explode. We all fight hard and heroically to stop the cultists from reaching the temple (or the gate in Lucan’s case) and blowing holes in the walls. If they were to be successful in putting holes in the walls or gates then hundreds of zombies would be able to pour into the town. We were successful in securing the temple by fighting in a most heroic manner, but none of us as heroic as Lucan who defended against all the cultists that attacked him. He was truly amazing in his battle, all the way until he had taken all the damage he could and blacked out. The only problem is nobody knows what happened with Lucan...


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